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Sugar cane

8 Food & Drink pairings for Rum


Rum is a type of alcohol distilled from sugar cane. It has been consumed for centuries because it’s an alcoholic drink that can be obtained cheaply and in bulk, making it historically appealing to produce on small islands with few resources.

While it’s true that a rum’s source material must derive from sugar cane, other limitations do not necessarily apply: standards are only set by the product’s country of origin. Because the category lacks the same restrictions as a Bourbon or whiskey, it’s no surprise that rum has evolved to be one of the most versatile spirits in the world.

This liquor typically contains about 40% alcohol by volume (80 proof), but strengths vary at different stages as they are refined until the final product reaches its desired state (such as dark rum containing over 50% ABV).

Let’s discuss how to have the best experience when drinking rum, including what types of food and drink pair well with it.


1.    Steak + Aged Rum

When discussing rum and meat dishes, steak always comes most readily to mind. Steak and aged rum are a culinary match made in heaven as the grilled flavors of the meat enhance the unique woody and caramelized nuances of the aged spirit.

2.    Club Soda + Dark or Spiced Rum

For a refreshing summer drink, squeeze some lemons and fill up the glass with your favorite dark or spiced rum. Top it off liberally with club soda for an added zing of minerality—perfect for bringing out that nutty undertone in any aged or spiced rum!

3.    Cheese + Silver or Black Rum

Silver and black rums alike go great with what many people consider to be an acquired taste for cheese. Creamy cheeses like brie, blue, and aged gouda respond well to the varied profiles of either classification, while a handful of cheeses like parmesan are equally complementary for their salty tang and mild hints of pepper.

4.    Tonic Water + Dark Rum

Adding tonic water to a drink is like adding salt and pepper to a dish—it helps bring out the flavor of other key elements. Just as it unveils floral notes from gin, tonic water can show off the woody flavors of a dark rum. You can also try mixing 50 percent soda water with 50 percent tonic water for a more subtle effect.

5.    Ceviche + White Rum

Ceviche is a refreshing, citrus-forward dish that pairs well with the bright flavors characteristic of many white rums. It’s made from fresh raw fish (such as Cod) and cured in lemon or lime juice mixed with tomatoes, onions, chiles, and spices.

6.    Pineapple Juice + White or Dark Rum

A list of rum pairings would not be complete without pineapple juice. After all, pineapple juice is one of the main ingredients in a piña colada and makes for an incredibly refreshing Daiquiri! The tanginess of pineapple juice has the same balancing effect on various types of rum as citrus. Just be sure to squeeze it fresh.

7.    Flavored Seltzer + Spiced Rum

Flavored seltzers offer a wide range of enjoyment for every palate with flavors like coconut, mixed berries, and apple. Similar to tonic water, flavored seltzer can help enhance the existing flavors of a great rum while adding a delicate twist.

8.    Ginger Beer + White or Dark Rum

Ginger beer is the perfect companion for most rums because it’s a little spicy and not too sweet. Mixing it up with your favorite white or dark rum will give you an enjoyable new drink that packs a bold, flavorful punch.

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