Alcohol for Gastronomie

Alcohol for Gastronomie

Thanks to its unequalled know-how, Crafted Spirits offers a wide range of cooking alcohols. Crafted Spirits commits daily, particularly through its flagship brand Distillence Gastronomie, to giving the best in each of these product range. Crafted Spirits cooking alcohols are available modified with salt and pepper and gelified.

  • Cooking alcohols modified with salt and pepper :

Our 100% authentic wines and spirits modified with salt and pepper, are specifically designed for a perfect and immediate incorporation into your mix, while simultaneously bringing intense flavors.

Our modified alcohols are not subject to taxes on alcoholic drinks.

  • Gelified cooking alcohols

Our gelified cooking alcohols are particularly esteemed by ice cream manufacturers and pastry cooks, for their consistency as well as their aromatic value. This method of gelification in no way alters the taste or the aroma of the product, but on the contrary considerably improves the end product. Indeed, the use of these products prevents your mix from liquefying and thus improves the consistency of the dishes.

Our modified alcohols are not subject to taxes on alcoholic drinks.

All products are available in the following sizes : 1 liter PET bottle, 5 liters drum, 10 liters drum, 220 liters drum, 1000 liters IBC


  • SGS
  • BRC
  • ISF
  • Member of the American Distilling Institute

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Crated Spirits is an independent Irish-based company, with 20 years of experience in the beverage alcohol and industrial ethanol industry.