Our French Distillation centre, where we distill Cognac since 1889, allows us to be in the center of the “Spirit Valley”. From a traditionnal Cognac VS, to a sophisticated French Vodka, our French location allows our Customers to have a direct access to the most prestigious French Spirits. We are proud to be wine growers, with 96 acres of vineyards in the Fins Bois Cru of Cognac, and every one of our Customers is more than welcome to participate to the elaboration of our Spirits.

From Brandy, Cognac, French Vodka, Pineau des Charentes to a complex French Cocktails, our tradition and expertise will meet your demand.

We also do provide a bottling service, which will be done 3 hours South from our Distillery. From 50ml up to a 3 litre bottle, and with a range of flexible bottling lines that accommodate almost any type of bottle, we are unique in our ability to effectively produce both small quantities for market sampling and the largest volumes required for established brands.


  • Crafted Spirits Distillers,
    Le Bourg, 17770 Bercloux
  • +33(0)6 85 71 36 58

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Crated Spirits is an independent Irish-based company, with 20 years of experience in the beverage alcohol and industrial ethanol industry.