Private Label

Crafted Spirits provides a long-established private label service and proven capability in supporting the development and production of spirits brands.

We are experts in liquid creation and production as well as the design, creation and procurement of all packaging components to create a finished packaged product.




Because of our scale and specialist services, we are able to unlock significant savings for brand owners both in terms of procurement and overheads. We work with partners to provide a long term small to large scale, full service to include :

  • Brand design and development
  • Distillation, liquid production and bottling services
  • New spirit product development
  • ┬áPackaging development

Choose Your Product

From France : French Vodka, Distilled Gin, Whisky, Cognac, French Brandy, Absinthe, Rum, Vermouth, Liqueurs
From Ireland : Irish Gin, Irish Whiskey, Apple Brandy, Irish Cream, Vodka, Poitin, Liqueurs
From USA : Bourbon, Rye Whiskey, Corn Whiskey

We also supply non alcoholic spirit or non alcoholic Gin.



Choose Your Own Bottle

Glass bottles in 5cl, 10cl, 20cl, 25cl, 37.5cl, 70cl, 75cl, 100cl, 150cl, 300cl

PET bottles in all sizes




Choose Your Packaging

Screen printing, Metallisation hot stamping, coating, frosting Customised labelling : self adhesive, Sleevers Creative packaging design





Choose Your Bottling Solution

With a range of flexible bottling lines that accommodate almost any type of bottle, we are unique in our ability to effectively produce both small quantities for market sampling and the largest volumes required for established brands.