Dunleer – Ireland

Located in Co.Louth on the beautiful east coast of Ireland and only 45 minutes from Dublin Airport, our production site and distillery allows us to blend and prepare a wide range of spirits and RTDs: From apple brandy, Irish whiskey, fruit distillates, cream liqueurs, rum liqueurs, cocktails, tea infused drinks etc.

Our 22 acre farm and distillery allows us to experiment with some new crops, unique in Ireland, and focus on sustainability and how to produce and distill differently for generations to come.

Our Crafted Spirits Distillery provides a full spectrum of services and sourcing capabilities to develop, produce, and deliver your beverage vision from the first formula to full trucks of the final product. Whether you need help in one specific area or you’re looking to outsource all your operational needs, Crafted Spirits can find the right mix of services and expertise to bring your idea to life.

From a 220 litre HDPE drum to a full ISOtank, our strength is our flexibility.

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Crated Spirits is an independent Irish-based company, with 20 years of experience in the beverage alcohol and industrial ethanol industry.